Aroma air humidifier

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Do you want to be healthy, breathing clean air?Highlights

🔥  Get rid of dryness in the room which causes dehydration of the body, deterioration of the skin and susceptibility to infections with an air humidifier
🔥  Adding a couple of drops of essential oils helps reduce stress and normalize sleep. The next morning you will be full of strength and energy
🔥  The humidifier turns off automatically when the water runs out, to avoid possible damage to the internal components of the device
🔥 It doesn't take up much space, so you can put our product anywhere and enjoy it while always breathing fresh, clean air


The source of many health problems can be indoor air dryness: from eye irritation and dry skin to an increased risk of respiratory diseases. One of the solutions to this problem is our air humidifier. This is a necessary item in a modern home. Fighting bacteria, refreshing and aromatizing the air, as well as maintain the efficiency of the body.
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Wide application
Besides the fact that this product is an air humidifier, it also aromatizes the room, driving away fatigue, soothing, relieving tension and improving mood
✅ Quiet and comfortable
You may enjoy a peaceful, relaxing time whether you're resting or working because this item does not make a loud noise
✅ About 360 ml large capacity
Thanks to the big diameter design, it will be easy and simple for you to add water and essential oils
✅ Convenient cleaning of the water tank
The removable lid of the tank will allow you to rinse a humidifier without any problems
✅ Appearance
An interesting design, reminiscent of a volcanic eruption, will add eccentricity to the interior, and soft, warm lighting will give a cozy atmosphere to your entire home.


Power 12W
Voltage DC24V/0.5A
Atomization amount

Flame mode: 20-30ml/h

Volcano mode: 5-10ml/h

Water tank capacity

High frequency ultrasonics 2.4MHZ
Product size 138 x 138 x 108mm
Main material

ABS /P P / Electronic components


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🔹 Manual 
🔹 Cable 


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