Intelligent light

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🔥 You don’t need to deal with wiring or replace your switches to install state of the art intelligent lighting. Our product has a built-in velcro magnet, you can stick it on any place
🔥 Forget about the buttons. The item automatically turns on and off the light, so a night trip to the kitchen will be much more convenient
🔥 Our high-quality intelligent light helps you to save energy and thanks to anti-glare technology protects your eyes from dazzling irradiation
🔥 Smooth brightness adjustment will allow you to set the lighting that will be the most pleasant for your eyes


This ultra-thin rechargeable intelligent light equipped with a high tech sensor chip will turn on once it senses movement. This way, you won't have to search for a switch in the dark just to turn the light on and no need to worry about turning off the light when you leave, as it will do it automatically.
The lighting is comfortable, no dazzling to the eyes, suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, closets, wardrobes, garages, basements.


Smart Induction
It has a 120-degree wide angle and a 3-5 meter sensing range, allowing you to easily walk around the room and save more power
Ultra thin and durable
It is only 0.35" thick while still has battery and magnets integrated. Its compact size makes it versatile that can be fitted easily into any places
3 cycle modes
Intelligent light has three different modes that you can choose according to your request and change it as you wish
✅ Variety of colors
Minimalistic, stylish design provides powerful lighting, while it has three color temperatures and you can choose a comfortable mode for your vision


Certification CE
Weight 260g
Width 4 cm / 1.57″

0.9 cm / 0.35″


🔹 Intelligent Sensor LED Lights
🔹 Magnetic iron patch
🔹 USB Charging Cable
🔹 Manual


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