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🔥 The multifunctional brush by Livi is designed to clean hard-to-reach places and any things, saving electricity, water and taking care of your belongings
🔥 You can add detergent to our brush and dispense it in the amount that you need, thereby getting rid of unnecessary consumption of washing liquid and movements
🔥 The washing machine does not always cope with difficult stains, especially on carpets, and our brush will perfectly cope with this task, which will not miss a single hair, wool or a stain


A hand brush is the simplest, but at the same time one of the most effective tools for cleaning any surfaces: carpets, bathrooms, sinks, shoes, clothes (especially when the washing machine cannot cope with a difficult stain). This brush is suitable for cleaning various types of debris, cleaning the carpet from hair and animal wool, as well as cleaning stains from various liquids. During cleaning with our brush, the probability of damaging the structure of the pile of the carpet, clothes or shoes is reduced to zero thanks to high-quality bristles.


✅ High quality brush head
One brush contains more than 2,000 bristles. The bristles are made of high quality fibers and are moderately soft for better cleaning
✅ Detergent dosage
The brush head has a liquid storage. One press of the button allows the liquid to be brought and press the button again to stop
✅ Protect your hands
Frequent contact with detergents can cause some damage to the hands, which can be allergic, red or itchy, so using a brush can protect your hands 
✅ Comfortable grip
The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy to apply pressure without straining your body, keeps the hand feeling comfortable for a long time.


 Material Plastic
Size Details 19cm x 13cm / 7,48" x 5,11"



🔹 Lunch Box


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