Shaver for clothes

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 Would you like to give a new look to your old clothes?


✅ Efficient motor, a sharp razor, easily removes all kinds of pellets on various fabrics, such as clothes, pillows, toys, various sofas without damaging your hands and your belongings
Eco-friendly product with a soft silicone surface that will create maximum comfort when using
✅ Built-in 500mAh polymer battery, 70 minutes working time. This is more than enough to refresh your wardrobe
✅ Weight of the shaver is only 160 g, small, portable with a unique design, will not leave anyone indifferent and you will not even feel it in your bag

Why you need it

Clothing and other attributes of daily routine including fabric, are part of each of us. And all this requires care for the long use. One of the main issues is the lints on the fabrics, so our belongings begin to appear scruffy and worn out, forcing us to throw away our favorite things, which is a big consumption problem. But, with our shaver for removing lints on clothes, the challenge can be forgotten. Besides, we can take care of sofas, pillows, toys, everything that includes fabric with those problems.


🔥 Powerfull battery
It will help you to use it without charging for more than one hour
🔥 Exquisite razor system
High quality assembly allows the razor to last for a long time
🔥 Easy to clean
Removable capacity storage box, unscrew clockwise, pour out the garbage
🔥 Sleek design
The appearance of our product will definitely charm you and your loved ones


 Charging Time:  70 minutes
 Usage time:  70 minutes
 Input standard:  DC/5V=0.6A
 Product size:  5W (40*0.07W/LED module)
 Product weight:  160g


Package included

🔹 Electric Shaver 
🔹 Manual 
🔹 Cable 

Corona Info 

Dear customers
We take all necessary preventive measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Such as:
• Measuring (controling) body temperature
• Wearing a mask
• Processing hands and products with a sanitizer
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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