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Make Math Easy And Fun


🔥 It has become even easier to help with lessons, because a stamp for math saves your time, you no longer need to sit over a notebook and write out each digit, it's enough to spend 2 seconds and dozens of ready-made tasks appear on paper
🔥  There is no need to puzzle over what other task to come up with and whether this exercise will be repeated, it is enough to rotate the values, you can adjust 10 different queue methods
🔥 Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction — this tool will help keep students' heads in good shape at different stages of development


Parents, teachers spend a lot of time helping to prepare students. And 80% of this time is spent not on explaining the material, but on preparing and organizing the material and only 20% of all on mastering. We decided to help in this matter, and created a small assistant in solving mathematical tasks, which is suitable for both parents. You can better control the exercises and pay maximum attention to every detail of the task. A small assistant does not take up much space and does not lose its suitability, as it can happen with a notebook with ready-made controls. It is enough only to add ink to the compartment from time to time and it is ready to work and will serve you not only with the first child, but also with the second, third


Math problems
You can quickly and easily create dozens of different tasks for a kid's exercise 
It does not take up much space, easily fits into a pencil case or a school bag and is ready for use at any time 
Long service
Unlike exercise books, the stamp can be used repeatedly 
Easily refilled with ink
Ink comes as a gift with a set, you can easily fill the stamp and at the same time your hands will remain clean


Material POM+ABS
Size Details 76mmx64mmx32mm/2.99"x2.52"x1.26"



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